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🥾 Items

Items’ information

  • Items’ ranks included: Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, Legend.
  • Types of items: Boots, Hat, Glasses.

How to own items in BETA 4

Normal Box and Epic Box can be purchased directly in-game with Dcoin, not in Marketplace.
  • Normal Box (60 Dcoin): 70% chance of owning Normal Items and 30% chance of owning Magic Items.
  • Epic Box (250 Dcoin): 55% chance to own Magic Items, 40% to own Rare Items, 4.5% to own Epic Items, and only 0.5% to own Legend Items.
You can also get Normal Boxes by winning in Normal Training and Lazy Training:
  • Normal Training: 10% chance to get Normal Boxes when winning.
  • Lazy Training:15% chance to receive Normal Boxes when winning.
  • Endless Training: 5%-20% chance to receive Normal Boxes.
Items with the same rank can be combined to upgrade to a higher rank:
  • Combine 2 Normal items ~> 1 Good item.
  • Combine 2 Good items ~> 1 Rare item.
  • Combine 2 Rare items ~> 1 Epic item.
  • Combine 2 Epic items ~> 1 Legend item.