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🏞 Dragon Exhibition

Hydra Park, or Dragon Exhibition, is a place where you display your 4 to 5 stars dragons and earn experience and HDV by hours.

The mechanism of Hydra Park

Slot: Initially, each player will be given 2 free slots in the park to place their dragons in. Each slot can place 1 dragon. Dragons can still be trained and brought into races while being displayed in Hydra Park.
If you want to place more dragons, you will have to pay an amount of Dcoin (the game token of Hydraverse) to buy positions. For example, 3rd place will take 100 Dcoin to buy, 4th place will cost 200 Dcoin, and 5th place will take 400 Dcoin to buy, and so on. The slots in Hydra Park are unlimited.
When placing a dragon in Hydra Park, it will charge you no fees and you can also swap places for another dragon if you want. You can still race & train while staking NFTs.
Note: Only 4 to 5 stars dragons can be put in Hydra Park.
Amount of HDV earned: Each dragon will earn a certain amount of HDV in 6 hours based on its attractive index & stars. The higher the attractiveness, the more people see dragons in the park, from which the number of HDV earned will also increase.
To receive HDV, click on the Golden Chest icon. You must receive your HDV to reset the 6-hour earning period.
Click on the Golden Chest symbol to claim your HDV.

How to gain Attraction stat?

Raise dragons’ stars or Awaken Dragons to increase their attractiveness.
Dragons are numbered with stars (from 1 to 5). There might be dragons that are originally stared higher than others, which also possess high statistics. But don’t worry if your dragon is not so strong from the beginning as you can combine the dragons at lower stars as follows:
  • 1-star dragon + 1-star level 10 dragon ⇒ 2-star dragon level 10
  • 2 2-star dragons + 1 2-star level 20 ⇒ 3-star dragon level 20
  • 3 3-star dragons + 1 3-star level 30 ⇒ 4-star dragon level 30
  • 4 4-star dragons + 1 4-star Max level 40 ⇒ 5-star level 40
Players can also awaken their dragons at any level or any star. After being awakened, the dragon’s stats will be raised. In order to awaken the dragons successfully, players have to purchase the materials.
Note: The amount of HDV earned will be depending on the Dragon’s Attractiveness and the number of Dragons in the Park.