🍕 Dragon Feeding
In addition to training, you must be concerned with your dragon’s happy index if you want them to perform their best in the races. It is an optional way to take care of your dragons.
Effects of evolving elements are mentioned above:
  • Playing index: You have to maintain the Playing index higher than 10%. If it comes to lower, you won’t be able to participate in the races;
  • Happiness stats = Eating + Playing + Bathing + Sleeping = 400 points
  • Maintaining the Happiness stat > 200 points within 6 hours will bring you 4000 exp.

1. Fooding — 100 points

  • You will have 2 free pizzas for your NFTs a day. After feeding, your Dragon increases 1000 exp. You can buy more food to feed them;
  • The index of full feeding is 100 and decreasing to 0 in 5 hours; which means your Dragon will be hungry after every 5 hours;
  • You are able to purchase food to gain your dragons more exp. Players can choose variety food packages:
Package 1: 20 Dcoin = 10,000 Exp (Grade-1 Food)
Package 2: 100 Dcoin = 52,000 Exp (Grade-2 Food)
Package 3: 400 Dcoin = 240,000 Exp (Grade-3 Food)
Package 4: 1000 Dcoin = 600,000 Exp (Grade-4 Food)

2. Playing — 100 points

Players need to entertain the Dragons by letting them play games for a certain time to fill the Happy Index. After 5 hours, the index will end up to 0. You need to keep playing index more than 10 points to join the races. There are 2 games to have fun with your NFT dragons:
Bouncing Game: The player moves the cushion to the right place where the Dragon falls;
Hydra Goal: Swipes to let the Dragon scroll over the goal.

3. Bathing — 100 points

Bathing will take 60 seconds to fill the point to 100, decreasing to 0 over 12 hours.
Action: Players throw the dragon in the bath, soap and then rinse off the soap carefully.

4. Sleeping — 100 points

The dragons need to take a nap twice a day. Each time they need 30 minutes of sleep. Sleeping will fill the status to 100, decreasing to 0 over 12 hours. When the dragons go to sleep, they won’t be able to play other games.
Action: Players throw the dragon on the bed, turn off the light to go to sleep, turn on the light to wake up.
The Feeding feature will be added to Hydraverse’s Beta version 3 on this March 23rd. Let’s get ready for this event, Dragon Trainers!