💪️ Dragon Training
Players complete their tasks, training the dragons to gain experience & material to awaken them.
  • In Sleep mode, each Dragon will have 20 energy/day;
  • In Awaken mode, each Dragon will have 30 energy/day;
There are 3 types of training modes for your NFTs: Normal, Lazy & Endless mode.
  • 1 Normal training costs 3 energy and takes 30 minutes to recover 1 energy;
  • 1 Lazy training mode costs you 10 energy to join but gives your Dragons a bunch of exp, chances to get shards and saves you much more time than Normal mode. The choice is yours;
  • 1 Endless training costs 10 energy. The further you go, the harder it gets. It won't stop until you lose both of your lives in training session. Only Endless training has leaderboard to honor the fastest Dragons.
Recipes to awaken Dragons:
  • 50 Light Shards
  • 50 Shadow Shards
  • 10 Dragon Shards
  • 30 Magic Potion
How can you find these recipes?
  • Win top 1 in a race/ or raise 1 star for dragons to get a Dragon Shards;
  • Win 30% training session a day to randomly get a Light or Shadow Shards;
  • Win 20% training session a day/ or finish the daily mission to get a Magic Potion.
Some notes for you before joining the training course:
  • Dragons will have 2 lives in a training course;
  • You collect lightning in the course to activate the Booster. Press Space on PC or double tap on your mobile to use Booster;
  • You can collect magnets in the course to attract lightning.
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