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🏆️ Hydra Cup

Every year Hydraevrse will hold the Hydra Cup tournament. The tournament brings together hundreds of Trainers selected through weekly and monthly races.
Each week, the 9 best Dragon Trainers in the system are selected to participate in the monthly race.
The monthly race will include 36 races divided into 6 different tables in the form of a random draw. The top 6 from each group will advance to the monthly finals, with the winner going to the HydraCup of that year.
The final round of the year includes the 12 strongest racers gathered at the epic racetrack. 12 riders will be divided into 4 groups of 3 riders each. The 4 winners of the group stage will participate in the 1 vs 1 confrontation round. The two winning teams continue to the final match to choose who will win the HydraCup.