Token Utilities
HDV is the native token in Hydraverse running on Binance Smart Chain and will be used as the currency in Hydraverse. Token holders will be Hydraversers.
Users can become a Hydraverser by:
  • Purchasing HDVs and support the Hydraverse project at seed round, private round and public sales round
  • Purchasing HDVs from other Hydraverser on exchanges
  • Joining Reward programs to receive HDVs as rewards
HDV will be used directly or indirectly in Hydraverse to
  • Stake HDVs or join farming pools to earn attractive APYs.
  • Hire NFT dragons to join racing games.
  • Buy racing courses with the NFT mechanism acting as your title of ownership. Racing courses can be monetized by renting with transactions using HDV tokens or selling with transactions using BUSD/BNB tokens.
  • Buy NFT Dragons on Marketplace
Dcoin will be used in the game to:
  • Buy energy for dragons to race and train.
  • Challenge bigger winning prizes in the games.
  • Cheer to earn: Set Dcoin in the race.
  • Buy slots in Hydra Park.
  • Buy food for Dragons to gain experience.
  • Use as fee to evolve or awaken your NFTs.
In some cases, tokens gained will be burned to balance the economy of Hydraverse.
Users can hold NFTs by
  • Buying NFT was initially offered at NFT marketplaces. Money raised by the Initial NFT offering campaigns will be used for Farm pools and to support Hydraverse economy.
  • Joining Reward programs to receive NFTs as rewards
  • Buying NFT from other holders at NFT marketplaces
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