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What is Hydraverse?

Hydraverse is a metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game. Players get the chance to open the dragon eggs, which later create unique dragons. These dragons can take part in the race and receive rewards for winning. Players can also generate value by renting their own dragons or displaying them in Hydra Park.

The combination of Dragon racing x 3D NFT x Metaverse

Dragon Racing

Hydraverse follows the traditional racing game. However, our character is one-of-a-kind! We let YOUR dragons join the race. These are the dragons that you yourself look after and spend time playing and training, especially the dragons who will be strongly motivated when receiving a high happiness rate, which will then result partly in the win rate.


NFT games are all the hype lately, with prices and the number of users skyrocketing. Hydraverse believes in leveling up the power of the game by integrating Blockchain, letting players have verifiable ownership of the non-fungible in-game assets.


Hydraverse will also blend in the current wave of so-called “metaverse” gaming, providing a digital world in which players can navigate their dragons.

Mission & Vision


Our core team aims to inspire players with stories of dragon trainers overcoming challenges and spread blockchain knowledge together with play-to-earn chances to our global community.


Hydraverse has a positive and lasting influence on people's lives while opening play-to-earn gaming activities and economic opportunities for our sustained community. And we are confident we can build up an inclusive metaverse ecosystem & achieve NFTplay-to-earn industry leadership in the near future.