🐲 Character in-game

Dragon is the central character in the game that brings players huge economic opportunities. Each dragon has the following statistics:
  • Movement speed: Affects race results.
  • Strength: Effects when 2 dragons compete with each other.
  • Endurance: The longer the race is, the more durable dragons will benefit and can endure well in harsh environments.
  • Speed when accelerating (available only upon awakening)
  • Attraction: The attractive dragons will earn a lot of money when being displayed in Hydra Park.
  • Happiness: Players who take care of the dragon sufficiently will increase their happiness stat, which will result in a win rate.
  • Sex: Male or Female.
  • Level: Max level: 100.
  • The number of stars: from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Awakened or not: Awaken dragons to increase stats and body form changes.
  • Hidden stat: Diving time (available only upon awakening): In some terrains, good driving skills would enable the dragons to go faster. It is when diving time really matters.
  • Energy for NFTs from 1 star to 5 stars:
1 ⭐️: 20 energy
2 ⭐️: 30 energy
3 ⭐️: 50 energy
4 ⭐️: 60 energy
5 ⭐️: 70 energy

How to Level up Hydraverse Dragons?

Dragons are numbered with stars (from 1 to 5). There might be dragons that are originally stared higher than others, which also possess high statistics. But don't worry if your dragon is not strong from the beginning as you can combine the dragons at lower stars as follows:
  • 1-star dragon + 1-star level 10 dragon ⇒ 2-star dragon level 10
  • 2 2-star dragon + 1 2-star level 20 ⇒ 3-star dragon level 20
  • 3 3-star dragon + 1 3-star level 30 ⇒ 4-star dragon level 30
  • 4 4-star + 1 4-star Max level 40 ⇒ 5-star level 40
  • 5-star Dragon can be trained to level 100
Players are able to awaken their dragons at any level or any stars. After being awakened, the dragon's stats will be raised. In order to awaken the dragons successfully, players have to purchase material through training and racing.